Fox – Knokey Introduce Campaign Strategy for Military Veterans

The Tim Fox – Jon Knokey team have introduced their latest strategy paper in the campaign to win the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

During a Facebook live presentation Fox and Knokey spoke of their military heritage and the vital role that veterans play in Montana.

Fox spoke of some of the policies he would pursue if elected Governor of Montana.

“First, we want to explore with the legislature and our stakeholders if it would be fiscally possible to exempt military pay earned by National Guard or Reserve members during military duty,” said Fox. “We also want to promote the state program that allows the donation of state hunting licenses to disabled Montana veterans or other active duty military personnel.”

Fox and Knokey also propose that former military personnel and their training be put to use while living here in Montana.

“In recognizing military technical training and certification for apprenticeship credit, so that Montana veterans and active duty members can use their military experience to get a good job outside the service,” he said. “Plus, if you’re a truck driver in the Army, you should be credentialed to drive a truck when you get home.”

Fox also referenced every veteran’s experience and

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