Forrie Smith: A wrangler’s path from Montana City to ‘Yellowstone’

By Brian D’Ambrosio for the Missoulian

At age 6, Forrie Smith tumbled from a horse in front of his mother and stepfather. The horse, named Bad Daddy, was a gift from the family doctor, and the boy had just reached the point where he had felt comfortable riding him around. The tumble took place inside of an arena, when the seemingly obedient little horse got too frisky. Smith’s first impulse was to leap rather than endure further bouncing. His parents winced as the youngster crashed forcefully to the hard earth.

Unbowed, Smith defiantly wiped the dirt off of his clothes and the dust from his chin, laughed wildly, and, after his parents demanded an explanation as to why the ride had gone out of kilter, he responded that all was okay, since someday he was going to be a stunt man, someone who would earn money colliding with and falling from things.

Take a look at a bucking bronc, a giant snowdrift, a long gone mansion and more.

The 63-year-old actor, who portrays the gruffly masculine Lloyd Pierce in Taylor Sheridan’s crazily popular “Yellowstone” TV series, has performed a number of stunts and tricks since then, but perhaps none

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