Former UM law student facing felony charges absconds to Canada

A man facing sexual assault and attempted kidnapping charges in Missoula was apprehended in Canada after law enforcement issued a warrant for his arrest, prosecutors say.

Cole L. Levine, a former University of Montana law student, was arrested in summer 2022 after a woman reported Levine attacked her in a downtown alleyway. Since then his case has been pending trial. Levine is a New Mexico resident. 

Last Friday, Oct. 20, Levine was picked up by Canadian authorities, Missoula Deputy County Attorney Brittany Williams said, after Missoula’s pretrial services alerted Missoula officials about a release violation. Subsequently, a $2M warrant was issued for his arrest, court filings show. On Oct. 19, Levine’s GPS monitor pinged near Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, and then communication stopped.

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Levine is charged with three felonies: attempted kidnapping, attempted sexual intercourse without consent and aggravated assault causing reasonable apprehension. He previously pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Charging documents allege a woman encountered Levine in downtown Missoula on the evening of Aug. 17, 2022. Levine started abruptly engaging with her verbally and then forced himself on her, she told detectives. As she tried to run away and call

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