Former Montana solicitor hired by Idaho AG

By KEITH RIDLER Associated Press

BOISE, Idaho — Idaho will add a new position of solicitor general to challenge federal government actions and policies when Republican Raul Labrador becomes the state’s new attorney general in early January.

Labrador on Thursday announced two staff positions to be filled by former members of President Donald Trump’s administration: David Dewhirst will be Labrador’s chief deputy, and Theo Wold will be the solicitor general. Neither is listed by the Idaho State Bar as authorized to practice law in Idaho.

In announcing the positions, Labrador said the solicitor general will “ensure that Idaho’s interests are safeguarded against federal overreach.”

Only about a dozen states have solicitor generals. The states range from being generally conservative to generally liberal and include New York, Alabama, Ohio and Washington.

“I’m committed to modernizing and improving the office, and these dedicated and proven public servants will help me accomplish that goal,” Labrador said in a statement. “I look forward to serving the people of Idaho as we build a more prosperous, safe, and free state.”

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