Former Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Miller Calls for End to COPP

Do you remember the name Ken Miller?

Miller ran for governor in 2012 and was leading in the polls just prior to the Republican primary when he was accused by the Commissioner of Political Practices Jonathan Motl of campaign finance violations, a charge Miller says was fabricated and politically motivated to remove him from the race.

Today, after seven years, Miller is telling his story.

“The accusation from the Commissioner of Political Practices was accepted by many of the media outlets as fact,” said Miller. “We then had a press conference to prove that what they were saying was incorrect and got very little news coverage, so it came across as though we had done a lot of terrible things in our campaign, and of course the election went on.”

Miller said the situation worsened.

“We gave them all of our documentation, and they ultimately took it upon themselves file additional complaints after we proved our innocence on the original charges,” he said “The election went on and we came in basically tied for second in the primary and ultimately the Republicans lost to Steve Bullock.”

Miller said he then hired an attorney to address his grievances with the Office

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