Former Google CEO Wielded ‘Unusual Level Of Influence’ Over Biden Science Office, Flew Official On Private Jet

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt reportedly held an “unusual level of influence” over the Office of Science and Technology  (OSTP), flying one of Biden’s top science advisors to a posh resort on a private jet, according to a Fox News report.

Besides having ties to more than a dozen employees within the OSTP, Schmidt also enjoyed a close relationship with Eric Lander, the former top science advisor for the Biden administration, Politico reported in 2022. While Lander was still serving in his advisory capacity for the Biden White House, Schmidt reportedly flew Lander and his family to an upscale resort in Montana, further raising ethical questions over the scope of his influence, Fox News reported.

Internal White House emails revealed Lander and his family were flown via private jet to the Yellowstone Weekend Summit in July 2021, a private event hosted by Schmidt. The trip was managed by Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic enterprise founded by the former Google CEO in 2017. Though a spokesman for Lander told Fox News the White House had approved the trip and that Schmidt Futures had been reimbursed for the travel expenses incurred, Protect the Public Trust (PPT) Director Michael Chamberlain deemed the trip inappropriate, Fox

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