Former AG Fox Comments on Wade Palmer after Bertsch Sentencing

One of the Montana officials most involved in responding to the tragic shooting of Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Wade Palmer was now former Attorney General Tim Fox.

KGVO reached out to Fox for his response after the Bertsch sentencing on Wednesday.

“When I first learned of the shooting, I made my way down to Salt Lake City, to be there at the hospital with Wade and of course, Lindsay,” said Fox. “It was a long haul there too for a lot of people, but the silver lining was the number of people who came out in support of Kasey Blanchard, who was also at the same hospital in Salt Lake and I got to know him and his partner. And of course, unfortunately, Shelley Hayes died as a result of the shooting and ultimately so did Julie Blanchard, Kasey’s mom.”

Fox still remembers the huge outpouring of support for those killed and so gravely wounded after the incident in March of 2019.

“The outpouring of support from the Missoula community, the broader Montana community and of course, law enforcement, has been nothing short of phenomenal,” he said. “I think that more than anything, what has helped Wade and Lindsay for sure move on and

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