Forest taking comments on Wyoming elk feedground authorization

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Wyoming Game and Fish Department staff use horses and sleighs to feed elk on 22 winter feedgrounds spread across the western third of the state.

WGFD Billings Gazette

The Bridger-Teton National Forest is seeking comments on whether to issue a one-year permit to allow operation of a winter elk feedground.

The comment period comes following a request from the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission to allow the use of facilities at Dell Creek feedground, one of 22 in Wyoming. 

The feedground has been in operation since 1975, but in September a U.S. District Court judge ruled the authorization for the Dell Creek operation had expired. On Oct. 5, the commission asked Forest Service officials to allow continued use of the feedground.

In its request for comments, the Forest Service noted granting the application would meet the agency’s planning goals by helping “re-establish historic elk migration routes and to provide increased viewing and hunting opportunities for outfitters and clients.”

Scientists and conservation groups have decried the feedgrounds as breeding grounds for disease, including fatal chronic wasting

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