For Trump, every day remains the 2020 Election Day

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Standing before a crowd of political advisers — well-heeled donors in metallic designer dresses, longtime Palm Beach friends and Fox News stars past and present — former President Donald Trump couldn’t hide his pleasure with the reception he was getting.

Ushered through the doors, he’d been met with a standing ovation, head nods and adoring smiles, the type of response he’s come to expect from the crowds that gather at his palatial Mar-a-Lago resort on the Florida coast. They were there, clustered together at white-tablecloth spreads under glittering chandeliers, to debut a movie meant to cast a shadow on the 2020 election results, but also to see Trump himself. Even in a slightly politically weakened state, he remains the axis around which the Republican Party revolves.

As he spoke, however, a tension became apparent in the room. Trump and his aides and allies may be living up the moment. Some may have their eyes on

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