FMWF Chamber launches new workforce initiative

MOORHEAD, Minn. • The Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce, alongside a number of community partners, this week launched Ignite FMWF, a new workforce initiative designed to enhance the hiring potential in the region

“This is a really exciting day for our region. As we look at some of the greatest challenges facing the region, the number one challenge is the ability for our companies to attract, retain, and develop high-quality talent,” Chamber President and CEO Shannon Full said during a press conference on Tuesday, Oct. 12. To meet those challenges, “we know we need to really work on amplifying our collaborative efforts.”

Enter Ignite FMWF, which uses a combination of an intentional relationship development strategy and a robust technology platform. It involves partnerships, among others, with educational institutions and businesses in both the public and private sectors.

“Through this new fully integrated workforce system of awareness, exploration, training, and development; our business will be able to meaningfully engage with their current and future talent pipelines,” according to the Chamber.

The Chamber said the business-led, community focused initiative provides opportunity for students, job-seekers, and employers alike to benefit through the following key features:

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