Flying sisters: Spin-kicks in wedding dresses

Brent Northup For the Independent Record

Polite Society (PG-13)

At the Myrna Loy

“Polite Society” takes us on an impolite Bollywood roller coaster ride.

What starts out as a frivolous romcom about a jealous sibling trying to sabotage her big sister’s wedding, evolves into light-hearted thriller with ninja ladies flying through the air with Pakistani panache.

“Polite Society” blends Jane Austen with “House of the Flying Daggers.”

Two sisters pledge to defy arranged marriage and arrange their own lives instead. Young Ria longs to be a stunt woman. Elder sis Lena attends art school.

But when her parents invite a handsome young doctor for dinner, Lena’s resolve melts.

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To Ria’s disgust, Lena says yes to Salim’s proposal.

Ninja wannabe Ria gathers her BFFs, Clara and Alba, to concoct a multi-phase scheme to disrupt the marriage by any means necessary – up to and including spin kicks in wedding dresses.

Ria’s inept kung fu moves just add to the fun.

The amusing marital mash up ends in preposterous fashion with a sci-fi twist.

Usually such silliness annoys me, but two qualities saved “Polite Society.”

First, Nida Manzoor’s British film about a traditional Pakistani family takes pointed, but loving

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