Florida & Montana Program Helping First Responders with PTSD

When Jessie Holton suffered from PTSD after serving in the US Marine Corps following the 9-11 terror attacks, he says the VA saved his life. He got help. He got the treatment and the support he needed.

But when he went back to a a career in law enforcement following his military service, he noticed that his brothers and sisters in blue were bearing the same burdens of PTSD- but with no support or programs available. Worse yet, if a first responder admitted that they had PTSD- they’d get fired, with no benefits.

That’s crazy, isn’t it? That’s what led Holton to help found an organization called T-6 which is now up and running in Florida and Montana. The program offers training events and retreats in the mountains of Montana and in Florida.

Holton now lives in Big Timber, Montana and told us more about the program and how important it is that we start getting these resources available to the men and women in law enforcement.

Holton: The last time we checked there’s only four states in the country that have PTSD as an occupational injury for first responders. Now, there are some where say- you get shot in the line of duty and

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