Florida man who rammed police cars in Butte and had bag of pills in rectum gets 10 years

A man is heading to the Montana State Prison, 20 months after slowing down too drastically when passing a trooper’s car sitting in the median of I-90 near Anaconda.

That wasn’t a crime but it tipped off the trooper to possible criminal activity and what followed led to five felony charges, several misdemeanors and this week, a 10-year sentence to prison for 38-year-old Charles Ross Ladin.

Charles Ross Ladin, in orange, appears for a sentencing hearing via Zoom from the Butte jail on Wednesday with his attorney, Jack Morris.

MIKE SMITH, Montana Standard

According to prosecutors, it started the night of Feb. 25, 2022, when Ladin crested a hill on I-90 going 74 mph then immediately slowed his pickup to 60 mph when he apparently saw the trooper.

The trooper caught up to the truck, saw it had a broken taillight and tried to pull Ladin over. Ladin was swerving, wouldn’t stop and dodged spike strips other officers had put down at two locations.

Ladin got off at the Montana Street exit and moments later, lost control of the pickup on an ice-covered

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