Flood's deluge trapped him in basement, he crawled out through a broken window

RED LODGE – By the “grace of God” Taylor Monfort awoke to the sound of water in his basement apartment at 4:30 Monday morning. When he swung his feet onto the floor to investigate water was up to his calves.

“The water was just pouring down” the stairwell to his front door, he said. “It was like a waterfall or a water slide.” Rock Creek, which runs through this mountain community in south-central Montana, had been diverted through the southeast side of town, running wildly through yards, down streets and into basements. A flash flood, historic in its veracity, was wreaking havoc.

Monfort tried to push the door closed so he could unlock the latch, but the water’s force was too strong.

“That’s the only moment where I lost my absolute shit,” he said. “I was like, holy f*** I’m dead. This sucks!

This window that Taylor Monfort kicked out allowed him to escape from his basement apartment as flood waters entered Red Lodge early Monday morning.

MIKE CLARK, Billings Gazette

“Excuse my language,” he said. “I’ve ended up learning how to swear

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