FLOODING UPDATE: Get the latest on historic flooding in Yellowstone, surrounding areas

Editor’s note: this story will be updated throughout the day as reporters and editors learn more about the developing flood situation. 

Cody resort shutters temporarily amid floodUpdate 2:40 p.m. on Tuesday, June 14

The Pahaska Tepee Resort ⁠— located outside Cody, just two miles from Yellowstone’s east entrance ⁠— is shuttered through at least Thursday.

The resort boasts cabins, a restaurant, gift shop and outdoor activities. Its oldest lodge was built by U.S. Colonel William Cody (a.k.a. “Buffalo Bill”) himself.

Pahaska was booked at about 90% capacity at the beginning of the week, said Angela Coe, who runs the resort. But rainfall over the weekend caused the North Fork Shoshone River to swell so much, it got into the lodge’s water system, Coe said. Staff shut off the system Monday to prevent it from getting into the resort’s tap, and sent all guests home.

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The river’s since receded. Coe said Pahaska Tepee is currently sending water samples to the Wyoming Department of Health in Cheyenne. The water needs to test as safe two days in a row before the lodge can open up again.

If all goes well, the resort will reopen

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