Flood damage limits equine services in Absarokee

Eric Young

Stillwater Veterinary Clinic is one of many properties along the Stillwater River that suffered significant damage from June’s catastrophic flooding, but the losses here leave a particular gap in the Absarokee area going forward — that is in the form of a lack in equine care. 

“Over there was what we called ‘The Horse Motel’ since we’re typically breeding mares this time of the year,” Veterinarian Jesse Olson said pointing to a washed-out horse pasture.

The flooding resulted in significant damage to the clinic’s equine breeding program located roughly 12 feet behind the main clinic. Horse stables, corrals and pens were lost or severely damaged. Much of the land is still covered in water or debris.

Stillwater Veterinary Clinic isn’t the only veterinarian in Absarokee, but it is the only one that offers an array of specialized equine and cattle health services like reproductive and preventative care, as well as dental services. They are also the only clinic in the town to staff multiple practitioners and are often the only option in the area for emergency veterinary treatment at any time of day or night.

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