Flathead Avy Center gets weather station deep in Whitefish Range

Joshua Murdock

The Flathead Avalanche Center will be armed with additional crucial data this winter from the heart of the group’s largest forecast zone. 

The weather and snowpack data, critical to analyzing snowpack conditions and assessing avalanche problems and likelihood, will come from a newly installed weather station perched at 7,228 feet elevation on Link Mountain, just above Red Meadow Lake Campground and about 26.5 miles northwest of Whitefish. The station is in the center of the Flathead Avalanche Center’s Whitefish Range zone, the largest of three zones in the center’s forecast area, in an area that previously did not have a weather station. The center also has forecast zones for the Swan Range and Flathead Range/Glacier National Park.

The new weather station was the result of a $25,000 fundraising effort by the nonprofit Friends of the Flathead Avalanche Center. The station was placed atop Link Mountain by a national forest helitack crew. The nonprofit previously raised funds to install weather stations on Mount Aneas in 2019 and on Tunnel Ridge in 2020. 

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