Five big foreign policy changes GOP might push now that election is over

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Once the ballots are counted, lawmakers will settle down to doing the people’s business. If Republicans can retake the House and Senate, here’s how America’s approach to foreign policy may change.  

1. The China Jihad

Expect the new Congress to take the gloves off on fighting back against Beijing. Last month’s Chinese Communist Party Congress produced what amounted to a clear declaration that Beijing intends to take down the United States. Lawmakers will find no comfort in the administration’s recently released national strategies, which declare China to be a problem of the first order and then offer no real solutions.  

President Joe Biden is sticking to his mantra of “compete where we must, cooperate where we can.” This is akin to declaring Freddy Kruger is real and then taking a sleeping pill. The new Congress won’t stand for it.  


2. Border Security and Immigration

Biden’s open-border policies have seriously hindered his party’s chances of coming out on top at the polls. That lesson will not be lost on congressional leaders. Expect them to press for a return to sensible immigration enforcement policies. And don’t be surprised to

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