Fishing report: We like big bugs and we cannot lie

Matthew Kiewiet

The salmonfly hatch lived up to the hype last weekend, and it looks like there’s more to come.

Anglers on the Big Hole River were greeted with long-awaited salmonflies with a few golden stoneflies mixed in as well. The Bitterroot and Blackfoot rivers, as well as Rock Creek and others, expect to see the same during the coming days.

Some of these stretches of water are still ripping, but wade fishermen should be advised to keep their boots dry regardless of the flows.

The fish are more often than not eating various salmonfly and chubby patterns within five or six feet of the bank, usually in the vicinity of overhanging trees.

Dan Houck, of Denver, poses with a rainbow trout before releasing it back into the Big Hole River last Sunday. 

Matthew Kiewiet, The Montana Standard

While a friend and I were out over the weekend, we started with a Pat’s rubberlegs or SJ worm dropper trailing behind our surface bugs. However, after a few rises it became clear that once the fish are dialed in on salmonflies, there’s no

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