Fishing report: Lots of bugs and lots of water

Throughout Montana and Wyoming, the effects of runoff season have ranged from slightly inconvenient to catastrophic and devastating.

With warm weather forecasted later this week, water levels are expected to be on the rise again. Climbing temperatures will also galvanize two of the most popular hatches for fly fishing in the western United States.

Diehards who are still frequenting fluctuating rivers like the Blackfoot and Big Hole are eagerly awaiting a full-on arrival of salmonflies. Anglers heading toward still-water opportunities will be welcomed by callibaetis hatches in the near future.

Wherever you decide to drop a line in the water, be on the lookout for floating debris. It’s also important to check the flows if you’re zeroing in on a river, stream or creek. Misery is always right around the corner, even on a beautiful June afternoon.

Ackley Lake — The fish are craving protein and anglers are having a blast, catching both trout and musky. For rainbow and brown trout, the key is to cast your line into the water. Once you’ve accomplished that feat, if a trout notices your bait or lure, there is a great chance you’ll get a bite. If you’re targeting one of the 30-40-inch musky that anglers have caught

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