Fishing report: Hope you aren’t tired of terrestrials

It’s hopper season darn near everywhere.

It doesn’t make for the most exciting fishing report, but man, does it make for exciting fishing.

Given the predictability of what fish are eating across the state, this is also a great opportunity to explore some new water if your local fishery is restricted. Chances are those water walkers you just bought will work almost anywhere at the moment. 

Now, possibly more than ever, there is no excuse to harass trout trying to survive in potentially lethal water temperatures. 

Bighorn River — It’s prime time on the Bighorn. Hatches of black caddis, PMDs, pseudos and a few tan caddis have kept the fish looking up throughout the day. There’s been a noticeable amount of angling pressure, but the fish don’t seem to mind. Morning fishing has been fairly slow as the fish are awaiting the hatches, which occur around 11 a.m. until dark. Nymphing has been very steady through the entire river with Frenchies, split-case PMDs, poodle sniffers, orange scuds, PTs and a variety of PMD and caddis imitations.— Bighorn Angler, Fort Smith. 

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