Fishing closure on Jefferson River to be lifted Wednesday

TWIN BRIDGES — A fishing closure on the Jefferson River will no longer be in effect starting Wednesday, Sept. 21.

The entire Jefferson River has seen fishing restrictions since July due to warm water temperatures and low flows. Temperatures have dropped, and flows on the Jefferson will have reached management criteria for lifting the closure by Wednesday.

Fishing restrictions, such as hoot owl restrictions and full closures, are designed to protect fish that become more susceptible to disease and mortality when conditions, such as low flows and high water temperatures, combine with other stressors, including catch-and-release fishing. Fishing restrictions are also still in place for the Beaverhead and Big Hole rivers. Anglers can find a statewide list of current restrictions at

<p>At least 14 male sperm whales have been found beached on King Island off the north-west coast of Tasmania. </p><p>The whales are thought to all be juvenile males and from what is called a “bachelor pod” – a pod of young males that band together after leaving their family groups.</p><p>Images and videos taken by locals show them lying on their sides near the waterline, in a state of decomposition.</p><p>The whales were found by locals and reported to the authorities on

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