Fiscal Conservatives Can't Like the Polls


Posted: Oct 13, 2021 12:01 AM

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Democrats are feeling gloomy as their “infrastructure” bills are stuck in a fight between leftists and “centrists.” Many predict that if these huge spending bills could be passed, then the midterm prospects for President Joe Biden and his party would look much brighter.

Will Saletan at Slate tweeted for the optimists: “Soon the infrastructure and reconciliation bills will pass. A year from now, COVID will be largely under control, supply chains will be restored, and the Afghan collapse will be forgotten.”

Many Democrats cling tightly to the popularity of massive spending as Biden’s approval rating keeps sinking. Fiscal conservatives should consider that if Congress ran the budget process by public polling, they would get rolled on a routine basis. Our national debt would skyrocket.

Every recent poll shows it. In early September, the ABC News/Washington Post pollsters asked, “From what you’ve heard or read about it, do you support or oppose the federal government spending three and a half trillion dollars on new or

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