First United Methodist Church to launch weekly community vigil

First United Methodist Church has launched a weekly community vigil Monday through Friday from noon-1 p.m. The church is located at 300 East Main St.

Participants are invited to enter the church through the door on Main Street and to sit quietly in the sanctuary for any or all of the designated hour. Vigil monitors will be present to ensure safety and comfort, but there will be no leaders for formal programs.

Readings about current events will be available and visitors are invited to light candles. This is not a religious program, but rather an opportunity for participants to internally process their concerns and emotions about personal, local or national issues in a safe place. 

The vigil was inspired by the conflict in Ukraine. The church’s pastor, John Daniels, has a daughter-in-law from Ukraine, whose parents still live in Ukraine. 

Everyone is welcome to attend the vigil, which will continue as long as there is interest. 

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