First Bud Light. Now Miller Lite embraces this bizarre new motto

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“Tastes great!” “Less filling!”

It’s “s#!t!”

My, how Miller Lite’s advertising strategy has changed over the years.

For those just joining the conversation, Miller Lite attacked its customers, its own brand and the entire beer industry in a just-resurfaced commercial. The ad, which landed like a thud two months ago, isn’t as bad as the Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney fiasco. But it’s similarly woke.

The ad was dropped in March to celebrate Women’s History Month. But it didn’t celebrate, it scolded. Miller Lite deployed comedian Ilana Glazer, best known for her role in “Broad City” (Yeah, I haven’t seen it either.), to bash previous beer advertising. Glazer particularly went after ads that featured women in bikinis.

The one-minute, 29-second commercial claimed women should be credited with much of beer-brewing history. “Centuries later, how did the industry pay homage to the founding mothers of beer? They put us in bikinis,” she said. Glazer almost spit out the word “bikinis,” like it had just four letters.

She then grabbed one beer ad and walked by a whole wall filled with past beer advertisements featuring bikini-clad women. She placed that ad in a large trash bin and dropped another ad in the

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