Film Review: Licorice Pizza


Brent Northup

Licorice Pizza

At The Myrna Loy

Saoirse Ronan, Brie Larson and, now, Alana Haim.

Three actresses who had me at hello, and enticed me to follow them anywhere.

“Brooklyn” was the film that turned me Irish. Not only was Saoirse’s performance soft and authentic, but she did not change her unspellable, unpronounceable Irish name for Hollywood! That alone impressed me.

“Short Term 12” was Brie Larson’s debutante ball. She played a counselor working with wounded teens. When a difficult young man ran away, she applied irresistible force: love. She hugged him and they both cried. Me, too.

Now in “Licorice Pizza,” Paul Thomas Anderson’s quirky tale of young love, Alana Haim upstages a cast that includes Tom Waits, Bradley Cooper and Sean Penn. Like Saoirse, Alana kept her family name.

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Haim, 31, was part of a singing sister act. Este, Danielle and Alana took their family harmony on the road in a band named Haim, of course. They are bold, feminist, engaging.

Turns out that director Paul Thomas Anderson (“There

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