Film Review: 'Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song'


Brent Northup

“Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song”

At The Myrna Loy

Time and again at sold out concerts, Leonard Cohen paused to thank his audience for being so welcoming. He felt the love and returned it.

“This feels like a cathedral, like being in church,” Cohen said, bowing his head.

Sacred, indeed – hands lightly waving in the air, eyes smiling, voices singing along.

He always took time to thank his band, personally, slowly. He was a man of gratitude.

He thanked God, too.

“The spirit fills the silence. Songs are a gift. They are not mine…the feminine voice of God.”

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Piggybank empty, he launched a late-career world tour – wondering if anyone would drop by.

The answer: Sold out shows, everywhere.

“Touring was a good solution to old age and death.”

I always wanted to be in those crowds, but that ticket window’s closed now. Instead, I take him with me on trails. Today, I listened to his farewell album again.

“You want it darker? We kill the flame.” He died 17 days

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