Film Review: ‘Glass Onion’ and ‘The Pale Blue Eye’


Brent Northup

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery 

On Netflix

The Pale Blue Eye 

At the Myrna Loy

My Grandma Harris was a modest lady who taught Sunday school. Never a blue word slipped through her red lips.

But she devoured Hitchcock murder mysteries.

She took me to see “Vertigo” at the Magnolia Theatre in Seattle in 1958 when I was 12.

I couldn’t sleep that night.

G.K Chesterton, English writer who gave us detective Father Brown, wrote that a good detective story reassures us that “the world is not all curves,” but that some things are “as straight as the sword.”

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Ergo: Detectives straighten things out for us.

A pair of curvy mysteries await.

Netflix online is streaming “Glass Onion,” the eagerly awaited sequel to “Knives Out.” Daniel Craig, alias James Bond, attends a rich man’s island party during which the mogul promises his own murder, and will handsomely reward the person who solves the crime.

At the Myrna Loy, Netflix presents “Pale Blue Eye,” a period mystery, circa 1830, in which West Point cadet

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