Film Review: Eternal Daughter and Devotion


Brent Northup

Eternal Daughter 

At the Myrna Loy


At the Cinemark

“They just don’t make movies like that anymore.”

Ever sung that song?

Well, Hollywood just did.

“Devotion” is a movie about the Korean War that looks like a movie that might have been shown during the Korean War.

“Devotion” is an old-fashioned war movie featuring brave American Navy wingmen providing air cover for endangered ground troops. These fighter pilots would unflinchingly sacrifice their lives for God, country, duty.

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Not only does “Devotion” have a retro story to tell, but, visually, the movie looks like a John Wayne Technicolor classic.

Patriotism is served straight, without ironic seasoning.

Still with me, pilgrim?

Only one element has a clearly modern sensibility: the portrayal of racism in the service is more honest, than movies made 50 years ago.

The emotional power lies in two performances: Jesse Brown and his wife Daisy. I did, in fact, cry during “Devotion” and those tears always surrounded them.

Jesse and Daisy loved their child Pamela unconditionally, and Pamela’s glowing as she grows.

I found Jesse’s

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