Film Review: Dream Horse

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A scene from “Dream Horse,” now playing at the Myrna Loy. 


Brent Northup

Dream Horse

At the Myrna Loy

Girls love horses. That I know.

When daughter Kat was 2 years old, we’d drive to the fairgrounds north of Seattle. Perched on my shoulders, she’d pet the noses of the horses as we’d walk through the stables.

A decade later in Helena, Kat contracted a condition known as chronic adolescence – so we decided it was time to pet horses again. She not only visited Sage, a gentle mustang twice her age, but she cared for him – and, in her senior year, rode him down Last Chance Gulch in the Vigilante parade.

And, Kat was at Sage’s side, perhaps hand on his nose, when Sage rode off into the sunset.

Kat, the city mouse, was close friends with Morgan, the country mouse, whose family land was alive with goats, ducks, turkeys and a donkey – plus large

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