Fight Crime Shoot Back

Some years ago, during a crime wave like the one we now seem to be experiencing, a bumper sticker appeared that said “Fight Crime Shoot Back.” It expressed the frustration many felt at the time that criminals were mostly getting away with their crimes. That feeling has multiplied recently as some prosecutors go soft on criminals and harder on those who defend themselves and others.

I thought of that bumper sticker when I saw a video of a looter in a California convenience store scraping merchandise off the shelves into a large trash container on wheels.

The looter was confronted by two store employees. He said the men shouldn’t worry because “insurance” would pay for the loss. Instead of letting the looter escape, as so many are allowed to do for fear of lawsuits – let me stop there – law breakers can file lawsuits against law-abiders and win. What does this tell you about how far we have sunk into the moral abyss?

Now to continue. The two employees grabbed the man. One holds him down while the other begins beating him with a large stick.

What lessons can be learned from this incident? First, the man is less likely to be

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