Fight against monkeypox requires Congress to learn from COVID-19 and act fast on funding

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Fresh on the heels of the greatest public health crisis in a century, the U.S. is facing another major public health emergency with the outbreak of monkeypox virus (MPV). America’s mayors are ready to spring into action to respond to the situation, just as we did with COVID-19, by working with the federal government to educate residents on preventing infection, help administer testing and distribute vaccines locally. What we’re missing – and what we need – is a well-funded and coordinated federal response to help us be effective in the role we play.  

As with COVID-19, California and New York lead the nation in confirmed MPV cases.  In early August, both of our communities declared local public health emergencies to accelerate education, vaccination, testing and treatment of as many people in at-risk populations as possible in response to this outbreak. But today, due to limited supply, restricted vaccination eligibility, and narrow symptom parameters for testing, we haven’t been able to reach our full potential needed to stop this virus.  

We can and must do better.  


We need to focus on serving the highest-risk communities. In San Diego, 92

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