Fetterman campaign agrees to Oct. 25 debate with Oz

John Fetterman’s campaign announced on Wednesday that the Democratic Senate nominee in Pennsylvania had agreed to an Oct. 25 debate in Harrisburg, Pa., hosted by Nexstar Television.

The announcement followed the lieutenant governor’s commitment last week to one debate with his Republican opponent, Mehmet Oz, in the high-stakes battle. Oz, who is trailing in the polls, has hammered on the issue, questioning Fetterman’s ability to debate after he suffered a stroke in May.

The Oz campaign responded on Wednesday with more conditions before agreeing to the debate. It said Fetterman’s team asked for a closed-caption monitor — and two practice sessions to get used to closed captioning — to help with the Democrat’s auditory processing issues related to his stroke.

The Oz statement said the Republican would agree to the debate under three conditions: if the moderator explained to the audience that Fetterman was using a closed-captioning system, if the practice debate did not include real debate questions and if the debate was 90 minutes instead of 60.

“If those

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