FEERE: There’s A Solution To Biden’s Illegal Immigration And It’s Staring Him In The Face

The Biden administration’s massive increase in illegal immigration necessitates that Congress provide a commensurate increase in deportation-related resources for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

As a former top official at ICE, I can confirm what most people already know: The agency tasked with deporting illegal aliens was overburdened even before President Joe Biden opened the borders and it is in need of a significant increase in deportation officers, special agents, prosecuting attorneys, detention beds and stronger enforcement tools. (RELATED: HOWELL: Biden’s Open Border Chief Gets Hill Drubbing)

The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Jennie Taer recently asked the House Republican Conference whether they had a plan for interior enforcement but the response was entirely focused on the border. Obviously, border security is critical, but countless illegal aliens with phony asylum claims have already been allowed into the country and will be ordered removed.

A secure border will have no effect on them or the millions of other deportable aliens.

Strong interior enforcement, such as robust deportations and worksite operations, fortifies border security. There’s no reason to sneak past the Border Patrol if there’s no benefit to living here illegally. But with sanctuary policies, unlawful employment running rampant, and only so many ICE

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