'Feeling Welcome': Murals and art show spotlight underrepresented voices


Patricia Thornton from Zootown Arts Community Center finishes putting up hand paintings on the Blackfoot Communications Art Lounge for an art gallery presented by Missoula community artist Stella Nall.

Stella Nall’s most recent show featured at the ZACC presents creative paintings of people’s hands.

Cory Walsh

A “Feeling Welcome” project at the Zootown Arts Community Center invited four artists to paint a mural in downtown Missoula, with the idea that it should reflect that theme and draw on the experiences of underrepresented people in town.

Last month, Cristina Marian, a Romanian artist who lives in Bozeman, was painting her portion on the alley wall off Ryman Street. People asked her questions about specific images, inspired by the experiences of Missoula refugees. Then a young man stopped by

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