Federal judge defies Congress in ruling against Texas election reform

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In throwing out an ID requirement of Texas election law for absentee ballots, federal Judge Xavier Rodriguez is defying Congress and federal law.

Absentee or mail-in ballots have always been the least secure method of voting because they are the only type of ballots that are voted outside the supervision of election officials and outside the observation of election observers. 

As part of its election reform efforts, and because of the increased use of absentee ballots by voters, Texas implemented a requirement that voters applying for an absentee ballot include the serial number of the voter’s driver’s license, personal ID card, or election identification certificate issued by the Texas Department of Safety. If voters don’t have any of these three IDs, they can provide the last four digits of their Social Security number. 

Congress itself determined that the ID information that Judge Rodriguez claims is not material is, in fact, material to state election officials. (iStock)

There is a final safety valve in the Texas requirement for anyone who doesn’t have an ID or doesn’t even have a Social Security number (a difficult scenario to imagine): such a voter simply has to include

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