‘F*ck Them’: Bill Maher Slams New York Times Over Biased RFK Jr. Coverage

Bill Maher slammed the New York Times for their slanted coverage of Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on a recent episode of Maher’s podcast “Club Random.”

During the episode — in which Kennedy was his guest — Maher read from a New York Times article written about Kennedy. “I want to take issue with the media because it incenses me how they write about you.” Maher said. He then quoted an article titled, “In Chat With Musk, Kennedy Pushes Right-Wing Ideas and Misinformation.” “Right away I’m pissed off,” Maher said. “Because, misinformation? How about you’re the newspaper. Just tell me what was said and I’ll decide what’s misinformation. This arrogance of ‘we know what the misinformation is about science.’”

Continuing to read from the article he said, “‘Mr. Kennedy is a long time amplifier and propagator of baseless theories.’ Again,” he stopped to qualify, “not the editorial page, this is like the regular newspaper.” He honed in on a factcheck within the article on a statement Kennedy made, saying after the Affordable Care Act, Democrats earned more money from the pharmaceutical industry than Republicans. That statement was incorrect, the Times said, according to an analysis by Statnews.


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