FBI Whistleblower, Huckster, Or Opportunist?

Have you ever worked with an individual who is always part of the problem, but never part of the solution? You know the type – the new guy who’s always convinced he has the answer to every organizational problem, even those about which he knows nothing. 

This is the loudmouth who’s convinced he’s under-tasked and under-appreciated by management, who – if they were only wise enough to recognize his obvious talent and prowess – would, forthwith, harness his genius and raise him to a station befitting the magnitude of his hubris. A person who demonstrates an aptitude for sowing discord, ceaselessly propagandizing colleagues with an avalanche of enumerated, self-inflicted grievances drawn relentlessly by the gravity of perceived affronts to their neglected and overlooked talent.  

Throughout my 20 year career as an FBI agent, I can gladly say I knew few whose arrogance was only surmounted by the spectacle of their self-aggrandizing tales — so fantastic they would have made a 19th century snake oil salesman blush. 

Recently, some voices at the heart of the current FBI whistleblower phenomenon have been elevated to the national stage Unfortunately, to those who know, they reflect poorly on themselves, and will, eventually, blight their

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