FBI is working every day to keep our country safe, pay attention to facts, not politics

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There is a program at the FBI dedicated to investigating violent crimes against children, one of many programs operated by the men and women of the bureau every day. The FBI Special Agents working on these cases face the unimaginable – images of thousands of vulnerable children victimized by sexual abuse and more.  

Investigations started in this program are worked in every state and in every FBI office. Success in these complex, dangerous cases – as well as in almost every investigation – is dependent on cooperation not only within the FBI but also with a wide range of important partners including law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, local, tribal and international level as well as community organizations and the public. 

These partnerships, built on mutual trust and forged through years of close collaboration, are effective in investigations across many criminal violations. As a result of these partnerships, human traffickers are thwarted, families are reunited, cyber threats are stopped, and incidents of international and domestic terrorism are prevented. Every day, Americans are safer because of the work being done by special agents and our partners. 


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