Father and son of the cloth reflect on both being ordained into ministry and serving in North Dakota

While Eric Seitz joined the men of the cloth in August 2020, just two months later, Ben Seitz was clothed with a deacon’s robe.

Now more immersed in their roles, “We’ve come up with some jokes,” says the Rev. Eric Seitz.

“We have ‘Father-Father’ quality time, and I’m ‘Father-Son,’ while he’s ‘Deacon-Dad.’”

Initially, their mother and wife, Jennine Seitz, wondered what to call her youngest son. “She said, ‘It’s going to be weird calling you ‘Father,’” says Father Eric. “I told her, ‘Then don’t! You changed my diapers. You have the right to keep calling me by the name you baptized me into.’”

Nor will he take offense if his parents and four siblings slip into another priest’s Confessional line, he says. “Unless they’re in danger of death” with no other option, he adds.

Despite these conundrums, the two fathers and Jennine agree that their parallel ordinations have brought more blessing than burden.

“We’ve got a really close relationship,” says Deacon Ben, noting that their roles have reversed at times, with his youngest son offering him useful advice on spiritual matters in particular.

When Eric was home from seminary, he says,

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