Fargo couple meets on dating app, gets engaged, and then both are diagnosed with cancer

“I almost canceled the first date, because I was like, ‘this guy is too nerdy and way too different than people I dated in the past,'” Shauna said. “But after the first date, there was this curiosity that had me agree to a second date.”

Abdallah is an oncologist at Roger Maris Cancer Center, and Shauna is a child therapist at the Village Family Service Center.

“There was this magnetism, I could not put my finger on,” Shauna said.

Despite the two being so different, their relationship just clicked.

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“We we very yin-yang in balancing,” she said.

“The initial attraction, I felt like I could open directly to her, and I am so glad she did not bail out on me after the first date,” Abdallah said.

The two dated, got engaged and began thinking of starting a family.

“Since we got engaged I was on cloud 9,” Shauna said. “I felt like 2021 was going to be the best year of my life, planning for pregnancy and had already made plans to get my IUD out,

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