Family friendly films from Israel and Mongolia


Pierre Dulaine and his students in “Dancing in Jaffa.”

Brent Northup

BRENT NORTHUP Film Review Dancing in Jaffa (2014)

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Cave of the Yellow Dog (2005)

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The pandemic has reaped one unexpected benefit to moviegoers. Distributors have turned to streaming to reach us, bringing a huge library of films to our home screens. Even some first-run films are being streamed simultaneously – and foreign films are crossing oceans.

So, I set out on a treasure hunt to find family-friendly international films.

I found two gems: a documentary about a dance class where Muslim and Jewish children waltz together, and an ethnographic drama from Mongolia about a 6-year-old girl who finds a puppy in a cave.

“Dancing in Jaffa” follows world champion American dancer, Pierre Dulaine, 77, as he returns to his birthplace in Jaffa, Israel,

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