Family caregivers can prevent shootings with care and courage

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In Uvalde, the shooter’s grandmother faced the rage of a troubled grandson and, according to multiple reports, a daughter with a history of drug use. At least one incident required law enforcement to go to the home of the shooter’s mother – and neighbors and relatives knew of the turbulent relationship between son and mother. Mental issues and drug abuse create a toxic brew of chronic impairments that will not resolve independently. Those challenges hopelessly outmatch even the best of grandmothers. 

In the case of Nicolas Cruz, who killed students at Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018, law enforcement made 39 visits to the gunman’s home – most of the calls seemingly from his mother. A few months following his mother’s death, Nicolas Cruz massacred 17 people. 

Sometimes, a family caregiver is the last line of defense between a killer and society. 

The carnage wielded by Adam Lanza, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, James Holmes, and many more sears our national memory. In every case, an overpowered family member lived with fear and apprehension in proximity to that individual. Even if that caregiving family member summons the courage to call the police, the situation can easily continue spiraling toward tragedy. Clear boundaries,

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