False leftist attacks on Justice Thomas are part of pressure campaign to undermine Supreme Court

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The attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas for his friendship with Texas billionaire Harlan Crow not only continue an illegitimate political pressure campaign against the Supreme Court but also expose the moral vacuum that is Washington, D.C. 

ProPublica, a website funded by liberal millionaires, the Washington Post, a newspaper owned by a billionaire, and The New York Times, a media company long owned by a wealthy family, have runs stories over the last month claiming that Thomas has violated ethics codes governing federal judges.  

“This tangled web around Justice Clarence Thomas just gets worse and worse by the day,” Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin, D-IL, said this week. Several of his colleagues have called for an investigation into Thomas and have made demands for confidential financial information from Crow. 


But a close look shows that this supposed scandal amounts to little more than an accounting error that has never given rise to claims of scandal before, at least when liberal judges were involved. (In the interests of full disclosure, I served as a law clerk for Thomas at the Supreme Court and have had the honor to participate

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