Expel Them Again

The vote to expel two Democrats from the Tennessee House of Representatives last week reminds us of one of the immutable laws of politics: Whenever Democrats accuse anyone of racism, demand to see the videotape.

Hey — remember the 2016 racist bus attack on three black coeds at the University at Albany that caught Hillary Clinton’s attention? They claimed a group of white men shouting racial epithets started hitting them, but no one on the bus cared! Foolishly, in retrospect, they didn’t check to see if the bus had cameras. It did. Rallies, hysteria, a Hillary tweet … and then it turned out they were the ones beating up a white girl.

Or how about the Princeton professor who claimed she’d been the victim of a vicious racist policeman in 2016? “Many women who look like me,” she wrote on Twitter, “have a much more frightening end to such arrests.” After a hue and cry, the police released the officer’s dashcam footage. The officer had been almost comically polite to her, despite her going 20 mph over the speed limit, as well as driving on a suspended license.

In 2015 in Connecticut, another BIPOC lady professor decided that, instead of simply paying

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