Everyone’s waiting for Ann Selzer to release the most important Iowa caucus poll

J. Ann Selzer vividly remembers the moment when she first found out there was a problem.

“I was first alerted through a message on Twitter,” the renowned Iowa pollster recalled in an interview with POLITICO last week that represented her most expansive public comments yet about the four-year-old episode.

Selzer was at Drake University in Des Moines, preparing to release the numbers from her final poll of the 2020 Democratic caucuses — results so widely anticipated that CNN, a co-sponsor of the poll, had created an entire, hourlong show on which Selzer was set to provide commentary.

But those poll results never came out. Because of a technical error, CNN and the Des Moines Register scrapped the poll entirely. Two days later, a massive failure of the state Democratic Party’s infrastructure delayed the caucus results themselves for nearly a day.

Now Selzer — and Iowa — get another chance. The Des Moines Register’s final poll of this year’s Republican race, co-sponsored by NBC News and the cable company Mediacom, is scheduled to be released Saturday night.

The poll occupies a legendary space in the closing 48 hours before the caucuses. Even in a thus-far one-sided contest,

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