Every family gets a front-row seat at Helena College's walk-through commencement

Nolan Lister

Thirty two graduates participated in the first of Helena College’s two spring walk-through commencement ceremonies Friday, a holdover from recent years that Dean and CEO Sandra Bauman said offers benefits to everyone involved.

“It’s one of those positive artifacts born out of COVID,” Bauman said of the walk-through ceremonies. 

Helena College graduated 32 graduates Friday evening in a walk-through ceremony at the Airport Campus. 

Gary Marshall, BMGphotos.com

During the ceremonies, each individual graduate and a small party of family and friends is escorted to a staging area and greeted by Bauman, the Montana University System Commissioner of Higher Education and some faculty members as they wait their turn in line. After a private ceremony, the graduate and company are dropped off at a reception area with the option to tour the school grounds. 

“Every single family has a front-row seat for their child’s graduation,” Bauman said.

Friday’s ceremony was held at Helena College’s Airport Campus, and 41 additional graduates will participate in another ceremony Saturday at the Donaldson Campus. Helena College’s class of 2022 graduated a total of 215

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