‘Every ballot matters’: Ward 6 recount demonstrates democratic process

Shouts of “tally, switch” rang out in the Missoula County Elections Center Wednesday during the official recount for the Ward 6 Missoula City Council seat.

With just five votes separating incumbent Sandra Vasecka and challenger Sean McCoy after the Nov. 7 election night, Vasecka petitioned for a recount to review the 3,000-plus ballots cast in her race.

Missoula County Elections staff Ginger Golding counts ballots Tuesday at the Missoula County Elections Center during a ballot recount for the Missoula City Council Ward 6 race.


“My stomach is in the same flip-flops it’s been in since Nov. 7,” said Vasecka, four hours into the counting. “Nothing really has changed yet.”

Two Missoula County election administrators carried out the recount, and three Missoula County elected officials did the official counting. County commissioners Josh Slotnick and Juanita Vero joined Sheriff Jeremiah Petersen to tally each individual vote in the close election. Members of the public, along with the candidates themselves, were invited to watch the recount effort.

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