Even pastors learn marriage isn’t easy, but here are 5 ways to help make it work

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When I made my wedding vows on the perfect summer day, staring into the eyes of the man I loved dearly, it was easy to repeat “for better or for worse.” I couldn’t wait to begin our “happily ever after!” On your wedding day you don’t know what it truly takes to maintain a solid and healthy marriage. I thought terrible things happened to other people – but not to me. My new husband and I could have never imagined what our marriage would survive.  

My husband, Ed, and I have been married and in ministry for over 40 years, which is no small task!  We founded Fellowship Church in the early 1990s with a handful of people and a lot of prayer.  

Some might think this marriage thing is easier for us pastors, but I beg to differ.  Every job has its unique challenges, for sure, but ministry is a bit complex. The expectations to live above average, which is placed on the pastor and their family is felt and often overwhelming.  Walking through pain and difficulty with others regularly brings weariness that bleeds into every aspect of life.  Let me just

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