Evangelical political activists push Hispanic, Black voter outreach as ‘game-changer’ in the midterms and 2024

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NASHVILLE – Alveda King, a Trump supporter and niece Martin Luther King Jr., told a crowd of Christian political activists Saturday — the weekend of Father’s Day and Juneteenth — that it is the Democrats who seek to divide and separate Americans by skin color. 

Since 2020, several primary and special elections have shown a shift in the Hispanic voting demographic’s historical allegiance to Democrats; however, at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference over the weekend, Evangelical Christians were triumphant that more minority voters will be voting Republican in 2022 and 2024.

The significance of the potential shift of Black and Latino voters to the right will have on the midterms is uncertain, but according to Evangelical leaders, the conservative movement is undeniably growing in minority communities. 

“God is moving in the Hispanic community, and that’s why they’re moving to the right,” said Nilsa Alvarez, director of Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Hispanic outreach division, in a panel discussion Saturday.

The Faith and Freedom coalition has leaned heavily into attracting minority groups, including Hispanic and Black Americans. The goal is to create a more diverse pro-family, pro-life conservative coalition, and the Road to Majority conference

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